Nobu Hotel Eden Roc

Nobu Hotels and Eden Roc Miami Beach announced the vision and plans for the Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach to open in 2016. Chef Nobu, Academy award-winner Robert DeNiro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper are the masterminds behind the much anticipated Nobu Hotel project. This is the second U.S. hotel under the Nobu Hospitality brand and shall encompass the largest Nobu Restaurant and Bar Lounge in the world.

The Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach is part of the multi-million dollar vision to revitalize and re-launch the Eden Roc name and property. Similar to the highly successful Nobu hotel at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, the property will represent the same key principles as Nobu restaurants; a perfect balance of luxury, fun, craft and theater.

The new Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel will feature a “hotel within a hotel concept” with Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach with feature 210 guest rooms; a signature Nobu restaurant and bar; an additional new beach front restaurant concept; new banquet and catering menus; unique in-room dining offerings; 20,000 square feet of spa and fitness facilities; over 70,000 square feet of re-energized and stylish meeting and event space; and two luxurious pools.

The 15th floor Penthouse suites will feature panoramic views of the city with inspiration drawn from the Villa at the Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace. Guests of the Nobu Hotel will enjoy a VIP entrance to the Nobu Hotel Pool and lounge with views over the beach and sea. The guest rooms will be located in the hotel’s legendary tower and offer the imaginative, energized and sophisticated environment exclusive to Nobu Hotels.

David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group is leading the design of the project’s interiors ensuring the Morris Lapidus ethos is preserved and the renowned name of the Eden Roc Miami Beach is re-launched. Rockwell’s vision for the Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach is to use lush and natural materials, fused with contemporary style in a modern setting with elegant touches with inspiration drawn from both Japan and also the spectacular beach location. The art of fusion is a core thread of the Nobu brand and one that will be used throughout the project, adding layers of Nobu’s lively, fun and luxurious aesthetic while paying homage to Eden Roc’s classic heritage.

Owners and brand visionaries Chef Nobu, Robert DeNiro and Meir Teper are passionate to reenergize the property through the global appeal of Nobu Hospitality, welcoming guests both locally and from all over the world. Robert DeNiro himself has fond memories of staying at the Eden Roc in the past.
“We are excited to be putting the plans in place for the creation of an exceptional, luxury property at the iconic Eden Roc.” said Trevor Horwell, Chief Executive of Nobu Hospitality. “We welcome being a partner with the ownership of the Eden Roc in bringing the halo effect of the Nobu brand to the Eden Roc to recreate and relaunch this iconic property. Chef Nobu, Robert DeNiro and Meir Teper are passionate to create a property that will intertwine fun and luxury to offer guests from around the world a unique and exciting Miami experience.”

“Becoming a true partner with Nobu Hospitality will allow our guests a diversified, energized and luxurious hotel experience, establishing our hotel as the paramount property of Miami.” said Diego Ardid, Eden Roc LLLP. “We look forward to working with Nobu Hospitality on the enactment of major renovation plans to welcoming guests to the new Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc Miami Beach next year.”